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Get in the Best Shape of Your Life with Boss Bodies

Burn fat, build lean muscle and transform your body with customized workout and meal plans that fit your lifestyle.

Why Join Boss Bodies?


✓ 100% Customized: Want to get shredded, build lean muscle or bulk up? Your program will be designed to your specific goals, experience level and availability.

✓ Home or Gym:
Choose between home and gym workouts, with HD video demonstrations for every exercise in your program.

✓ Monthly Revisions:
You'll get a new workout program every month, to keep you progressing and seeing results.

✓ 1In-app Progress Tracker:
Track your reps, weight and leave notes to easily track your workout progress over time.


✓ Complete 7-Day Meal Plan: Easily swap out meals, track cheat meals, choose alternative options view everything in one place.

✓  100% Customised: Based on what you like, don't like, goals and shopping budget.

✓  Complete Shopping List: Ingredients from your meal plan are added dynamically to your shopping list to make shopping easy.

✓  Monthly Revisions: You’ll have your dietary plan revised every month, with changes based on your weekly in-app progress check-ins.


✓ Weekly Coaching Check-ins: You'll have a coaching check-in every week, to track your progress and help keep you on track.

✓ Lifetime Community Access: Access our community for advice, tips and motivation from coaches and clients just like you.

✓ Track Your Progress: See your progress in graphs and charts with our in-app progress tracker, to stay on track and smash your goals.

✓ Mindset Coaching: Stay on top of your mental game with high-performance mindset training videos from Dan Ford - performance psychologist for professional athletes.

Ready To Start Looking Better, Feeling Your Best & Transforming Your Body?


Boss Bodies Gives You Everything You Need To Transform Your Body — Fast

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How To Get Started


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Answer Questionnaire

Create your account and complete your Boss Bodies new client questionnaire within the platform. Your program will be ready within 24-hours.


See Results

Follow your program, submit your progress check-ins, and transform your physique — fast!

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Elite Coaching

Customized Coaching, Updated Monthly Based On Your Progress, Feedback & Goals.


Per month

Personalized Meal Plan

Personalized Workout Plan 

Goal Specific Supplement Recommendations

Boss Bodies Mastermind Access

Monthly Progress Assessments

Boss Bodies Coaching Platform Access

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Platinum Coaching

Customized Coaching, Updated Weekly Based On Your Progress, Feedback & Goals.


Per month

Personalized Meal Plan (Updated Weekly)

Personalized Workout Plan (Updated Weekly) 

Goal Specific Supplement Recommendations

Boss Bodies Mastermind Access

Weekly Progress Assessments

Boss Bodies Coaching Platform Access


See the most asked questions

Can I eat out?

A. Yes! If you ever want to swap a meal for a take out or restaurant meal, that’s done with a press of the button. We’ve included meals from popular restaurants (think a meatball Subway) and even generic foods (like a chicken caesar salad).

Do you give advice on supplements?

A. Yes! Within 24 hours of completing your new client questionnaire, you’ll receive your first month’s Diet Plan, Workout Plan and Supplement Guide. 

The Supplement Guide offers specific tools that can accelerate your results based on your goal. Plus inside Boss Bodies, you’ll get 25% OFF all Onest Health supplements - as long as you’re a member!

How is my progress measured?

A. When you get started, one of the first things you’ll do is take photos and measurements.

The Boss Bodies app gives you an easy process to follow to log all the meals you eat, and every workout you perform (down to the reps and weights in each exercise).

Your workout and diet plan will be reconfigured based on your progress. You won’t have to remember anything either, as the app will give you prompts and reminders as you go.

I’m flat out at work and with my family. How much time do I need?

A. We get it, it can sometimes be hard to find time for your health and fitness. And we’re not going to pretend you can get results from 30 minutes per week either! This is an opportunity to build healthy habits into your lifestyle, and there’s no getting around it.

While you can eat every meal out (and continue using Boss Bodies), we recommend you find time for cooking. We’ve made it easier with daily meals, recipes and our shopping list tool all in-app.

For your workouts, you can choose the number of days per week that you train. Training sessions are around 60 minutes. Ryan can give you further advice specific to your situation once you’re a member.

I’m vegan. Can Boss Bodies do a vegan-friendly diet?

A. Yes! You can choose from popular diets such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Ketogenic or Low Carb. Plus, you can tell us your allergies or foods you don’t like eating! We’ll build your Dietary Plan around your needs using dietitian approved meals tailored to your transformation goal.

I’m an exercise beginner, will this work for me?

A. Yes! Boss Bodies works for ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ experience levels. In fact, this is one of the questions when you get started, so that your program can be tailored to your experience level.

For beginners and experts alike, every single exercise in your plan comes with a HD video demonstration from Ryan, so there’s absolutely no confusion.